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Advanced platform dive computer

Since the introduction of it’s first datalogging air dive computer in the late 1980’s through to the world’s first mixed gas decompression algorithms, Avon Underwater Systems (and its predecessors)  have been at the forefront of diving computer designs and decompression physiology.

Through our ties with Academia and the military we continue to pioneer decompression thinking. Probabilistic decompression modelling, advanced data handling and communication systems are also core elements of our expertise, paving the way for the life support monitoring systems of the future.

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Advanced Diving

  • Supports Air, Nitrox, Trimix & Heliox
  • Open, Closed and Semi-Closed circuit configurations
  • Multiple decompression algorithms
mdc150 features black

External Connections

  • Bluetooth connectivity for dive download and firmware reprogramming
  • Wireless HP sensor option 
mdc150 features black

User Interface

  • High resolution LCD
  • 3 backlit switches with tactile feedback
  • User selection of dive display items
  • Depth rating - 150m
  • Algorithms
  • Buhlman
  • VGM
  • USN (optional)
  • Long life user replaceable/rechargeable batteries