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Avon Asset Management System

The challenge:

In today’s fast paced, resource limited, ever changing environment, first responders are constantly challenged with maintaining updated records on their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Additionally, reporting upon asset status, location, maintenance and replacement cycles for budgeting and accountability purposes is difficult at best. Current methods include manually recording data on paper in three ring binders which is time consuming , not readily searchable and difficult to manage properly.

The solution:

The Avon Asset Management System is a user friendly, secured, cloud based system in which departmental assets can be managed via barcodes and commercially off the shelf barcode readers. The data can also be entered manually if desired. Examples of assets that can be managed through the system include SCBA’s, (i.e. facepiece, backframe, cylinder), Air Purifying Respirators, Tactical SCBA’s, Accessories and much more.

AAMS prodImage
AAMS Datasheet

For further information
please download the AAMS datasheet


Track & Manage

  • Equipment status, location & user
  • Service repairs
  • Scheduled maintenance

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Accountability & visibility of assets
  • Report on equipment types, service, locations, & parts
  • Record, manage and print historical service repair data

   User Focus

  • Available from any PC or Internet connected device
  • Browser-based minimizes learning curve
  • User configurable dashboards
  • Advanced, multilayer security with high grade encryption


  • Single point of contact for all equipment
  • Secure, cloud based, user driven interface
  • Integrated knowledge base gives users instant answers
  • No software to install or upgrade
  • Scalable solution that grows with your department
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support

Operating Environment
Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0 MVC architecture running on IIS7Database: MSSQL 2008 R2


Security Environment & Network Security
US Datacenter

Meets FIPS 140 – Level 2 Security Standards

Security Level 1 – Cryptographic module

Security Level 2 – Physical security to provide protection from access to cryptographic keys & critical security parameters and to reveal evidence of unauthorized access or tampering.

24/7 system monitoring

High-Grade AES-128 Encryption

IP Reputation Monitoring

Data leakage and field integrity monitoring

Robust data backup plan.


Communication Protocols
All network communication supports HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 over SSL/TSL encrypted connections. All data stored and rendered in UTF-8 format.


User Environment

Avon Asset Management runs entirely in a web browser, with support for:

  • Windows, Internet Explorer 8.0 and above
  • Windows/MacOS X, Firefox 3.0 and above
  • Windows/MacOS X, Safari 3.0 and above
  • Windows/MacOS X, Google Chrome 8.0 and above

 All applications pages and interfaces are rendered in HTML 5 and JavaScript. No proprietary components, application or plug-ins required on client device.


System Performance
System is thread-safe and can support concurrent access by all users in the organization.

User interfaces completely render output to client in <500 milliseconds on current standard hardware.

Databases indices are optimized to deliver 500 rows in <250 milliseconds

The Military's Choice
Air Purifying Respirator

One Mask, All Missions
Air Purifying Respirator
Entry Level, Non-CBRN Solution
Air Purifying Respirator
The All Challenge Mask
Air Purifying Respirator
The First Choice for Defence
Air Purifying Respirator
The Combat Vehicle Mask
Air Purifying Respirator
The Multiple Mission Mask
Air Purifying Respirator

Single Mask, Multiple Flexibility
Air Purifying Respirator

Versatile Protection for Tactical Operations
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Versatile Protection for Tactical Operations
CBRN Protection
Breath Assist Powered Unit
Breath Assist System
Combination System PAPR
Multi-Position Powered APR
The Integrated Riot Control System
Personal Protective Equipment
Tried and Trusted
Air Purifying Respirator

Compact Escape Hood
Escape Device
Multi-Role Rebreather
Advanced Platform
Dive Computer
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Firefighter Thermal Imaging Camera

  Mi-TIC E L
Large Screen
Firefighter Thermal Imaging Camera
Mi-TIC 320
Smallest Full Feature
Firefighter Thermal Imaging Camera
Best-in-Class Feature Set
Firefighter Thermal Imaging Camera