Boron Products

ceradyne inc. boron products Established in the early 1970s under EaglePicher Boron and acquired by Ceradyne, Inc., Ceradyne Boron Products supplies neutron absorbing and reflecting components in materials utilizing enriched 10Boron and 11Boron isotopes.

The 10Boron isotope is a strong neutron absorber and is used for both nuclear waste containment and nuclear power plant neutron radiation control. The company also produces complementary chemical isotopes used in the normal operation and control of nuclear power plants. The 11Boron isotope is used as an additive to semiconductor grade silicon as a "doping" agent and in other semiconductor processes where ultra high purity Boron (UHP) is required.

Products and markets include:

  • Advanced Materials
    • Environmental Technologies
    • Neutron Detection
  • Nuclear Power
    • Chemistry
    • Neutron Absorbers
    • Nuclear Fuel
  • Product Development
    • Specialty Chemicals
  • Semiconductor
  • Specialty Services

Ceradyne Boron Products is located in Quapaw, Oklahoma where safety, innovation and quality are emphasized. The company is well-known for its ability to engineer products to suit unique customer applications, and where specialists are particularly adept at solving problems for the demanding nuclear and semiconductor industries.

Ceradyne Boron is the leading global commercial processor of enriched boron and is the largest Boron isotope enrichment facility in the world.

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